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Internet of Fewer Things

If you follow discussions about the Internet of Things, you’ve probably heard this stunning prediction at least once: The world will have 50 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020. Ericsson’s former CEO, Hans Vestburg, was among the first to toss out that number, when he gave a 2010 presentation to shareholders. The following year, Dave Evans, who worked for Cisco at the time, published the same prediction in a white paper.

Today, that figure has arguably done more than any other statistic to set sky-high expectations for potential IoT growth and profits. Remarkably, those projections weren’t even close to the highest at that time. A 2012 IBM forecast predicted 1 trillion connected devices by 2015. “The numbers were getting kind of crazy,” recalls Bill Morelli, director of the IHS Markit division that handles IoT and digital security.

Both Ericsson and Evans have since lowered their expectations for 2020: Evans, a cofounder of Stringify, who now serves as its chief technology officer, says he expects to see 30 billion connected devices by then; Ericsson figures on 28 billion by 2021. Other firms have adopted similar tones: IHS Markit projects 30.7 billion IoT devices for 2020; Gartner expects 20.8 billion by that time (excluding smartphones, tablets, and computers); and

Internet Banking

Internet banking or banking via the Internet, can be considered a remarkable development in the banking sector. The ability to carry out banking transactions through the Internet has empowered customers to execute their financial transactions within the comfort of their homes. The benefits or advantages of Internet banking are however, not limited to a particular group of people. It benefits both the bankers and the customers alike.

Advantages of Online Banking

The most important advantage of this banking service is that the customers are no longer required to wait in the long and wearisome lines to request a financial transaction or statement. It has made the entire procedure of opening of an account quite simple and easy by reducing paperwork. The same flexibility can be observed while closing an account as well. You can also apply for a bank loan without personally visiting any local branch of your bank.

Conventional banking has always been slow and time-consuming, and sometimes, you may need to wait several hours to process a simple transaction like clearing a check. But Internet or online banking has tremendously reduced the time required to process banking

What is a URL ?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It specifies the global address of web documents and web resources. The basic reason behind locating or identifying a resource on the web is access or communication. Interaction between web users and the Internet resources is possible, only if each resource on the Internet is identified in a standardized manner. A URL serves this purpose. Let’s look at the different parts that compose it and what purpose each of them serves.

The first part of the address is the protocol identifier. HTTP and FTP are examples of protocol identifiers, which indicate the protocol in use. More rightly known as the scheme, this part of the URL denotes how to connect to the web resource. It is not case-sensitive but the canonical form is lowercase.

The second part of a URL is the resource name that comprises the IP address or the domain name of the web resource. It denotes where to connect. The domain name may be followed by a port number which is separated by a colon. When specified, a connection to that port number is established.

Pros and Cons of the IoT (Internet of Things)

Imagine a scenario when:

– Your fridge can identify that you have run out of milk; it contacts the supermarket and orders the quantity you usually need, and also informs you by sending a message on your phone!
– Your alarm rings at 6:30 am; you wake up and switch it off. As soon as you switch off your alarm, it conveys to the geyser to heat water at a temperature you prefer and also the coffee maker starts brewing coffee!
– You are on your way while returning home from work and you use an app on your mobile to switch on the lights, the AC in your home, and tune the TV to your favorite channel so that your house is ready to welcome you before you even open your door!

Sounds like science fiction right? Well, the Internet of Things (IoT) can now turn this fiction into a fact!
The term ‘Internet of Things’ was first put forward by Kevin Ashton as the title of a presentation he made at Procter and Gamble in 1999. Also referred to as The Internet of Everything, it is a proposed setup in which existing, common day-to-day

Advantages and Disadvantages Internet

The Internet
A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. – The Oxford Dictionary
During our evolutionary journey from “Homo erectus” to “Neanderthal” and then to “Homo sapiens”, we have come a long way. Because of our continuous quest for more amenities and better standard of living, we have been able to invent and discover many new things. The nineties witnessed a major revolution with the invention of the first electronic digital computers. Till then, the term Internet was practically unknown to most people. However, today, the Internet has become the most powerful tool for people around the world. With the advent of Internet, our earth has virtually reduced in size and has attained the form of a global village.

The Internet can be explained as a network of computers, designed to receive and send data in the form of e-mails, blogs, webcasts, etc. To put it simply, it can be likened to a super-massive server, armed with a plethora of information which is used by billions of people simultaneously. The Internet is basically “a network that connects other, smaller networks”. All modern technologies are connected by

Intranet and Internet

The age of information technology owes everything to the development of computer networking. It’s the linking up of computers on ever-widening scales, that has turned our long sought after dream of making the world’s knowledge freely accessible, into reality. If all computer networks are arranged in an ascending order of complexity and scaling, two types of networks will lie at extreme ends. One is of course the ‘Internet’ and the other, which may be functional in your company, is an ‘Intranet’.

Intranet Vs. Internet Comparison

Computer networking forms the fundamental basis of intranet and Internet. It enables the sharing of resources and information among a group of computers. The first operational computer network was created for the United States Department of Defense and was known as ‘Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). Since then, networking technology and architecture evolved in complexity and sophistication, to provide us with the internet. The synergy of advanced network computing hardware and sophisticated networking software based on Internet protocols has made this possible. As you will see ahead, an intranet and the Internet are two widely separated points on the scale of networking complexity, which serve to provide the most efficient form of information and

Negative Effects Internet to Children

Internet has proved to be one of the most innovative inventions for us. It has made its presence felt in every sphere of our life, be it economy, society, health care, spirituality, etc. Prominent among its benefits is the impact it has had on the education sector. Students can now gain access to innumerable research papers, apart from getting latest updates in the field of science and technology. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”, Internet has created new challenges for the society and most threatening among these is the impact it has had on children. Internet addiction has been recognized as a disorder in many countries, and rehabilitation centers have been created to help people to get over it. The sad part of this whole phenomenon is that a large proportion of Internet addicts are youngsters, who are extremely vulnerable to its ill-effects. There are several advantages and disadvantages of Internet but in this article, we will focus on its negative effects.

Internet and Children

Internet Addiction Disorder
Although studies on this disorder are in preliminary stages, it has been established that children who spend most of their time on the Internet, show a peculiar kind

Tips on ways increase internet connection speed

Computer geeks swear by the speed of the Broadband Internet Connection. But what happens when you are awaiting an important email and your connection is so slow that it makes you wait for an eternity before you can check your mail. Well, the first thing that one is going to do is curse the service providers! On a serious note, the next thing which could be done is to ensure that the speed increases. If you are not using a broadband connection, go for one. Using a DSL broadband connection will give you a fast access to the Internet.

Broadband Internet Access

Broadband Internet access, often called Broadband, is a high data rate internet access. It is also referred to as high speed Internet access because of the same reason. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), broadband is defined as having a data transfer rate of 256 kbit/s or more. And this is the most common baseline, which is marketed or advertised as broadband all over the world. It does not interfere much with the telephone lines.

The Technology

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and cable modems are the standard broadband technologies. It is one of the technologies, which

Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband, unlike the dial-up Internet, offers high-speed Internet connectivity. Broadband Internet connection offers high rates of data transmission. Generally, broadband Internet users obtain Internet speeds of around 256 kilobits per second or more. Digital subscriber loop/line (DSL), cable modems, and fiber optics are some of commonly used broadband technologies. Let us look at each of them.

DSL: It refers to a series of technologies that are used to enable the transmission of digital data over local telephone wires. DSL Internet service offer speeds of 256 kilobits per second. Usually, it works by dividing the frequencies over a single telephone line into two bands; the high-frequency band for data and the low-frequency band for voice.

Cable Modem: A cable modem uses the cable network infrastructure to facilitate the transmission of data. It is used to provide the Internet users with broadband Internet access.

Fiber-optic Communication: It enables transmission of information in the form of electromagnetic waves over an optical fiber. Fiber-optic communication has enabled the transmission of data over large distances, thus facilitating broadband Internet access.

How is broadband Internet accessed? How can a broadband Internet connection be shared between two or more users? What are the advantages of sharing a broadband Internet

Ways to Shop for Clothes Online

All of us have come across those beautiful dresses which are displayed in advertisements on websites on the Internet, haven’t we? The prices listed below the dresses not only amuse us, but also tempt us to buy them as soon as possible. These clothes are indeed one of the hottest selling items on the Internet, aren’t they? However, before temptation takes over, there are a few things you need to educate yourself with. There are a million websites all over the world that sell clothes online, so how do we choose the best? It’ll take us years to list all the websites that are considered authentic and diverse in their collection. The good news here is that you don’t need to look at so many websites. You can look at one website and judge it for its authenticity. Only and only if you think it’s not worth it, you can move on to finding another. The tips mentioned below will tell you how to shop for clothes online without risking your money and your expectations out of the bargain. Let’s check them out!

What to Keep in Mind While Shopping Online

Buying clothes on the Internet has its prerequisites

Ways change the password in MSN

MSN email account is finest email service among the users due to its fabulous features. MSN users can perform various tasks at the same time just by using MSN email service. There are several MSN users who are utilizing such web-mail account on their android mobile phone and performing sending and receiving email task without any technical issue. Before doing any task in this web-mail account users need to enter the correct email address and password.

But sometime user faces technical bugs while sign in email account and at time user can get valid tech support to fix out the issue at the valid point of the time. When user unable to access web mail account on android mobile phone then user can contact its tech support team to get the issue resolved shortly.

All it is need to just dial its MSN Password Reset Number that is awesome modality to access tech support executive who fixed out all over technical guidance on the right time.

Let’s perform how to change password simply:

  1. Visit MSN sign in page and type correct email ID and password.
  2. Go to the profile edit and click on the change password option,
  3. Click to

Tips When Considering a Volusion Custom Design

You want to stand out among your competitors and a custom design for your eCommerce design can help you stay ahead of the curve. So how do you go about getting a complete Volusion Custom Design? Here’s a few tips!

Know Your Brand and Industry
Every industry is unique and tailored to their specific customers. When you’re looking to create a Volusion custom design, you want to keep in mind the industry and your own brand. A clothing boutique will have a completely different look compared to a site in the automotive industry. Always keep in mind your industry and your own brand. You want to make sure your site is tailored to your customer base as well.

Now that you have your brand and industry in mind. It’s time to do some research. Different eCommerce agencies tailor to different specifics. You want to work with an agency on your Volusion custom design that understands what you’re looking for and can help deliver exactly what you want. You want to work with an eCommerce design agency that can work and has worked on the Volusion platform before. It’s super important to work with an agency that knows the intricacies

Ways Make Money With SEO Reseller Programs

SEO program simply means reselling the packages and services of search engine optimization firm. Today, it is becoming what many entrepreneurs are using to make profit online. SEO Reseller Programs India has made it possible for everyone to become a part of this reseller program.

As SEO reseller, we help people to earn good commissions like sales agents on every SEO package that is sold. It is a lucrative way of making money for yourself and for the SEO Company we are selling your packages to. The Seo Reseller Program is a good investment that helps the seller makes profit out of any plan that is sold. If you have a website, you make use of this program in earning extra money for yourself through the help of an SEO company. There are many reseller firms online that would help you in making the right details of the SEO service that can help you in boosting your business online. Before you get the services of an SEO service, you should research on the type of SEO services that would suit you. This is where we come in to help you with your SEO reseller programs.

Before you get a little

Ways to solve out Error key issue in Microsoft Antivirus

As we all know that using computer without antivirus is damn risky because there is a high risk of cyber infection all round in the internet. Once your computer will get virus affected it will show many technical trouble associated to that. But Microsoft has found solution for those infections by launching its antivirus program. This antivirus program is been working on many devices from decades and its work is really appreciable but technical troubles are too present in it.

Every internet security service has got technical troubles in it and so this one also. The technical hindrances coming in Microsoft antivirus can be associated with blocking of other programs from installation, facing error key issue while re-installing the antivirus, difficulty in installation of the antivirus and few more. The most common issue in this antivirus program is the error key issue. This technical hindrance occurs during the time of re-installing the program in your device. What is that key and why it is needed? Whenever you install any antivirus software you put a key to install the program that key is again needed when you try to re-install the program and without that key you won’t

Tips for Buying Genuine Artwork Online

While the Internet has made our lives convenient to a great extent, it has also been touted as a place where no purchase can be guaranteed, and cheap imitations of real products are sold. Though the online shopping experience may not be that bad for some, when it comes to purchasing art online, there has to be a legitimate way of identifying the authenticity of the piece you are willingly going to shell out your earnings for. That exquisite sculpture, that surreal photograph, that striking painting―what goes into buying art online? Here are some tips collected from global experts.

Look for Authentic Websites
Experts recommend purchasing art from online extensions of real galleries to ensure their credibility. However, there are other websites that exist solely in the virtual realm, and have been set up so that you can avoid the cost of a middleman, and purchase directly from the seller or even the artist. To verify such websites, look for a physical address, a phone number, and an email address. Call them and discuss the piece you want to buy.
You will be able to gauge from the conversation how well they know their business, and this

Broadband dan Dial-Up Connection

A dial-up Internet connection requires a telephone line and a modem to connect to the Internet. As the name suggests, the modem dials up a call in order to establish a connection with the Internet service provider (ISP). Broadband provides a wider range of frequencies for connection, with a higher speed as compared to the dial-up connection. It provides this high speed without interfering with the working of the telephone line.

Comparison Between Broadband and Dial-Up Connection

Dial-up connects to the Internet through a modem and a dedicated telephone line. The telephone line remains engaged when the Internet is accessed via a dial-up Internet connection. A broadband connection is done using various mediums like cable, DSL, and satellite Internet. It provides Internet access without keeping the phone lines busy.

A dial-up Internet connection uses an access number to connect to the Internet, but broadband connections, on the other hand, do not require any access number to be dialed. Moreover, voice and Internet services cannot be simultaneously used in a dial-up connection.

IP Address
When a dial-up connection is established between an Internet user and an Internet service provider, the modem dials the access number and every time a new IP address

Ways update Internet Explorer on Windows 7

Internet Explorer is one of the most reliable and widely used web browser. Heavy web pages are loaded easily in the browser due to document object model. It support essential navigation and downloads are done in a safe environment. Internet Explorer has tracking protection list to protect the browser from browser tracking habits. It can be integrated with various OS and also the web page loads faster that other web browsers.

Here are some of the processes to update the browser

First Process

Explore the IE browser and click on the gear icon in the browser.

As the drop down appearsHealth Fitness Articles, select ‘About Internet Explorer’.

Next select the option ‘Install new version automatically’ and the IE browser will be updated automatically.

Second Process

In the Search box in Windows 7 type ‘Update’.

Next click on ‘Windows Update’ and select ‘Check for updates’.

All the available updates will be displayed in the message.

Choose the required update and click ‘OK’.

Now click on ‘Install Update’.

Third Process

Open the IE browser and then click on ‘Tools’ option.

Select ‘Windows

Internet Security

The Internet came into existence with the view to bring the world closer. It is a very dynamic environment where there is no boundary of place and time for any user. Initially, Internet was conceptualized for a limited number of users and hence it was designed without taking any security aspect into consideration. The increased popularity of Internet made it an open ground for hackers, viruses, bugs; which compromised the basic motives for which the computers and Internet came into existence.

Birth of the Internet and Concerns
Though information sharing started taking place via computers in the ’60s called the ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) and the e-mail system was conceived in 1969, when it was termed as the electronic post office, the term ‘Internet’ was first used in 1982. The world was made familiar with the term ‘computer virus’ for the first time in 1983 by Fred Cohen. Robert Schifreen and Steve Gold were arrested for compromising with Prince Philip’s Prestel mailbox. The first PC virus called ‘Brain’ was created in Pakistan in 1985. By 1987, with the growing number of Internet hosts and the personal computer industry; number of people got access to Internet, which was

Positive Effects Internet

Internet, as we know, is a large network of networks, which communicate with each other by means of data packets. By definition, it is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the TCP/IP protocol to communicate. The Internet is regarded as the largest information base. And today, it has become an integral part of our lives. Its access methods have also evolved over time, starting from dial-up connections, slowly graduating to broadband, developing further into wireless access, and then to cellular technology. With the increasing and improving means of accessing the web, its use and popularity also grew. Owing to its easy availability, high access speeds, and the variety of services offered, Internet is the need of the day.

We depend on it in more ways than one. We access news websites to update ourselves about the current affairs, we rely on the communication platform it offers to communicate with the world. Be it using a social networking website to post what’s happening in our lives, or using an application like Skype or Viber to talk to our dear ones; web is the medium. Be it to access information or to entertain ourselves, Internet is our first

History Email

Electronic mail, known commonly by its abbreviation ’email’, is probably the most used medium of communication today. 50 years ago, had someone said that it would be possible to instantly deliver documents to a recipient sitting half way across the globe, he would have been a laughingstock. However, email came, saw, and conquered the world wide web. Today, it offers so much more than just written text communication. Its ability to securely forward multimedia, photos, software, etc., has made it a popular choice. It’s rightly said that ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’, and we humans have always found a way whenever the need arose. The history of email communication is very interesting and intriguing. Let’s go back to the days when the Cold War was at its peak.

An Overview of the History of Email

Following the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the Pentagon initiated a program to design a network whose main aim was to withstand a nuclear attack. Though, the Pentagon insisted that this was not a military program and gave it a scientific angle. This network came to be known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or ARPANET, after the program’s completion by 1969.